Meccanica     Santerno     was     born     in     1978,     we     work     in     the     field     of precision    mechanics,    we    manufacture    every    type    of    particular,    from the      single      custom-made      component      to      the      serial      production components.   We   can   send   our   products   all   over   the   world.   From   1978 we have grown up, these are our numbers:


13 machines for machining every type of material.


700 mq that sur- face will be dou- bled starting from 2020.
Our     first     activities     were:     moulds     contruction     for     heat     stamping, mechanical      processing      of      turning,milling,carpentry      as      well      as assembly and maintenance. Over   the   years   to   the   traditional   machines   tools   we   have   added   CNC machines. Starting   from   November   2019   our   company   has   been   certified   with   ISO 9001    by    Bureau    Veritas;    besides    we    have    received    the    certificate    by Accredia for the most important measuring devices. Over the last few years Meccanica Santerno has cured the design and logistic; besides, we have built new  comfortable offices. Moreover we have improved our working conditions installing a modern air conditioning system to refresh the workshop during summer heat, with the help of six adiabatic boosters.
Via Porec, 54/56 - 48024 Massa Lombarda (RA) Italy Tel. (+39) 0545 84570